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| 17/06/2024

"To Come Back" is out!

Go and listen to it now.

| 21/05/2024

Ballet Of The Gloom

This new song is already available on all platforms. Go and listen to it!

| 04/04/2024

Who I Am...

This new Indie/Lo-Fi/Rock song is out now on all platforms!

| 24/02/2024

New Song + Video!

"I Still Dream About You" is a cathartic song about toxic relationships. It's out now on all platforms and also with a YouTube video.
| 17/01/2024

Nobody Said It Was Easy

This is the first song released in 2024. Listen to it now on your favorite platform!

| 25/08/2023


This new song is out now on all the platforms.

| 06/02/2023

New Song Is Out!

Go and check my latest meditation song. It's already available on YouTube or in the Media section.

| 26/12/2021

Just Relax!

A new album, called "Relax. Breathe. Sleep. Repeat." is out now. You can find it on the most important streaming services. This instrumental album is a series of songs composed to meditate, relax and sleep.

| 22/07/2021

New Album!

Waking Chaos is out now. You can find it on the most important streaming services. This instrumental and experimental album was recorded only with an electric violin, a couple of loop stations and some effects pedals.


About him

Musician, composer, writer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, Valentino Mucci is an all around creative within his field. As a self-taught artist and former Software Engineer, his career has always been circling around one single concept: research.

From playing bass guitar or electric guitar in a few Punk bands as a teenager, to creating a one-man band street show with only an electric violin and some pedals, in his late twenties, his signature has always been the clear and deliberate intention to break the boundaries of music. Even more, the ability to speak, sing and write in three different languages (English, Italian and Spanish) allowed him to explore with his music while travelling and performing all around the world.

Valentino Mucci was born in May 1988 into an Italian family. Inspired by his parents, he developed an early interest for Classical Music and Original Film Soundtracks. At a young age, Ennio Morricone became one, if not the most, important of his influences. That's why one of his passions is to compose music for plays, shorts, shows and even for hypnosis.

As a teenager he started to play Spanish guitar with the help of his brother and from there he continued to explore different instruments by his own. In his twenties, while living in Italy, he fell in love of an instrument that would become his main passion: the violin, The one that has defined the last ten years of his life.

Now he is launching his solo career as a singer/songwriter and after a life of listening, performing and composing a wide-range of music, from Classical to Funk, Jazz or Rock, his compositions cannot be boxed in one single style.



Here you can find videos, pictures and even listen to some of his solo work or with other artists.



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